Our team has a wealth of knowledge about breeding and can offer advice, support and 24/7 care along your pet’s journey. Our pre-breeding and during-pregnancy services include:

  • Progesterone testing – same-day progesterone testing helps pinpoint when your pet is ovulating and when whelping is imminent.
  • Hip and elbow scoring – joint scoring assesses the likelihood that a dog gets hip or elbow dysplasia later in life. At Priory, we perform scoring under general anaesthetic as we believe this option is safer than deep sedation.
  • RFG assessments – The Kennel Club and University of Cambridge’s Respiratory Function Grading Scheme assesses Bulldogs, French Bulldogs and Pugs for a breathing problem known as BOAS (brachycephalic obstructive airway syndrome). The scheme advises owners if their dog is affected by BOAS and gives guidance to breeders on how to lower the risk of producing affected puppies. Amanda Wiltshire is an approved assessor who has been appointed to carry out respiratory function grading on these breeds.
  • DNA testing – this involves in-house blood sampling which is sent for testing at a small number of trusted laboratories that Priory works closely with.

More Services

At Priory we offer the following services. please contact us for more information...