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We offer every new client a free 15-minute appointment when you sign up. This allows us to do a quick health check and gather any medical history notes.

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Routine consultations are how we see most of our animals. They can be booked for check-ups, to discuss specific health concerns, or to carry out minor treatments (such as nail clipping or vaccinations).

Standard appointments are 15 minutes. To book an appointment, please phone reception at your required branch and our team will book you in.

Consultations are held across all three Priory branches, five days per week.

If you need a weekend appointment, we offer:

  • Saturday morning: Reigate and Tadworth
  • Saturday afternoon: Tadworth
  • Sunday morning: Reigate

Diagnostics & surgery

Our team of vets has extensive experience in small animal diagnostics and surgeries. Our Reigate and Tadworth branches are fully equipped to carry out all diagnostic and surgical procedures in-house. Our Redhill branch is consulting only. We make sure that whatever care your pet needs, we can provide it in an attentively fashion with minimal stress for the animal, and with friendly faces they’re familiar with.

We cover multiple specialised areas and disciplines, including orthopaedics, cardiology, anaesthesia, soft tissue surgery, internal medicine, behaviour, laser therapy, acupuncture, laparoscopy (keyhole surgery), digital radiography, dental radiography, endoscopy, ultrasound, and more.

Read more about the diagnostics and surgeries we offer

Lab tests

We also have our own on-site laboratories, run by experienced lab technicians. Each Priory location offers routine and specialist tests including bloods, urine, faecal, and cytology.

This allows us to provide rapid turnaround times for test results, with most coming back on the same day. In-house diagnostics means no hidden costs for our clients and less time waiting for answers.


Priory offers day and night on-site hospital facilities. Daytime facilities are offered across all of our branches, providing a safe and comfortable setting for your pet whatever their size or species. Priory takes your pet’s welfare seriously. Our hospitals are equipped with comfy beds for dogs, hiding boxes for cats, a wide range of food types for most diets, and a lot of care and attention from our devoted staff.

We hope your pet doesn’t need to stay with us overnight, but if they do, Priory has a 24/7 hospital facility at our Reigate branch. We provide round-the-clock nursing and treatment when needed. Our hospital facilities are staffed by our regular vets and dedicated night nurses. This means better continuity of care, a more stable and calm environment for your pet, and treatment by people who know our clients, their needs, and uphold our high welfare standards.

This service isn’t provided by all vet practices. At Priory, we concentrate on our patients’ comfort and quality of care without the need for unnecessary transfers, complications, or external third parties.

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