Laparoscopic surgery, also known as keyhole surgery, is an alternative method of performing various abdominal surgeries.

It’s widely recognised as the ‘gold standard’ approach in human patients and has since become an exciting new development in the veterinary world. It’s a minimally invasive method performed under general anaesthetic, often used to remove retained testicles, take biopsies, and perform exploratory abdominal surgeries.

Many of our clients decide to neuter their pets. In the case of spaying females, we use laparoscopy for these procedures as it reduces discomfort for the animal post-surgery. To do so, we make two small incisions on either side of the animal’s abdomen then use specialist equipment to locate, grasp and remove both ovaries. Once complete, the two small incisions are closed in three layers using dissolvable, under-the-skin stitches.

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