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If you’re new to Priory vets we would like to get to know you and your pet. We offer a FREE 15 minute appointment for any pet joining us, to have a health check and the chance to ask us any questions you might have. We can gather any relevant medical history and then we are all set to help next time you need us.

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Routine consultations are held across our four branches 7 days a week. Monday to Friday at all branches, then Saturday mornings in Reigate and Tadworth, Saturday afternoon in Redhill and Sunday mornings in Reigate. Our appointments are 15 minutes long to ensure we have enough time to deal with what you need.

Please select your nearest branch for specific opening hours and consulting times:
To book an appointment please telephone and speak to one of our receptionists, who will be more than happy to help.

Our appointments are 15 minutes long to ensure that we have enough time to deal with your pet’s needs. We also offer consulting times that are exclusively for Cats only. This is ideal for cats that can get easily stressed when they visit us. For more information about our Cat Friendly Clinics click HERE.

24HR Emergency Care

When your pet has an accident or gets suddenly ill, it's good to have immediate peace of mind that you know help is always at hand. Priory Vets own vets and nurses are available 24/7 all year round to provide advice and treatment in emergency situations to our clients.

At a time when many practices are transferring this part of their care to other clinics sometimes some distance away , we feel this is a very important part of our overall care. You will be seen by our own staff in premises close by, that you will probably be familiar with. Our Reigate clinic is the main base for seeing pets outside of normal hours. Please do call us before coming 01737242190 .

Fees: In order to provide 24/7 care for your pet, consultations outside of normal hours do carry an extra charge. These fees are detailed below and include VAT

  • Evenings 7pm – 10pm £148.95
  • Saturdays 3.30pm-7pm £148.95
  • Sundays 8am- 7pm £148.95
  • 10pm- 12am £182.47
  • 12am-7am £195.05
  • 7am – 8am £148.95
(Please note that there will be an additional surcharge for non-registered clients)

Surgery and diagnostics

Our small animal vet team have wide ranging experience and specialist interests. Orthopaedics, cardiology, anaesthesia, soft tissue surgery, Internal medicine, behaviour, laser therapy and acupuncture, and animal welfare are just some of our current areas of expertise! We are fully equipped to carry out surgical and diagnostic procedures, including Laparoscopy (keyhole surgery) particularly useful for neutering female dogs, Digital radiography, dental radiography, a range of endoscopes, portable ultrasound scanner, Laser unit and more.

Hospitalisation for Higher Levels of Care

Day time hospitalisation facilities are available at all of our branches, providing safe and comfortable accommodation for your pet whatever the size or species! Comfy beds for dogs are provided and hiding boxes for cats, along with a range of appropriate diets and lots of care and attention from our staff. We hope your pet doesn’t ever need to stay with us overnight, but if they do Priory Vets have well equipped facilities at our Reigate branch for round the clock nursing and treatment when it is needed. It is staffed by our regular staff on a rota basis for better continuity of care, which we consider to be very important. This type of service is not provided by all vet practices but means that at Priory Vets we can concentrate on our patient's comfort and care without the need for unnecessary transfers and complications.

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We have our own on-site laboratory which is run by an experienced lab technician. This means most of the time results are back the same day, dependent on the test requested. Extra services such as urine and faecal testing, and cytology are also performed in-house.

Our Nursing Team:

Behind every good Vet is a team of great nurses! This is truly the case at Priory. We currently have a team of 9 nurses working across our branches. They are continually developing their skills and knowledge in the latest treatments alongside our vets. Our nursing is very ‘patient welfare’ focused so you can be sure your pet is being well looked after.

Registered Veterinary Nurse (RVNs) work alongside veterinary surgeons in order to provide a high standard of care for animals. Our veterinary nurses are involved in a wide range of care plans and treatment. RVNs provide skilled supportive care for sick animals as well as undertaking minor surgery, monitoring during anesthesia, medical treatments and diagnostic tests under veterinary supervision. RVNs also play an important role in the education of owners on good standards of animal care. Priory Vets is a Nurse training practice, meaning we work to high standards and support nurses through their training under the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. Click HERE for more information on Registered Veterinary Nurses and what they do.

Our Veterinary nurses run clinics during the week to carry out procedures such as 2nd vaccinations, microchipping, Post-operative checks, suture removal, emptying anal glands, laser therapy and more. They also run support and monitoring clinics for weight loss, dental care, diabetes and mobility. These clinics are often FREE or at a reduced rate.
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Pet Health Plan

Many of our clients at Priory Vets have chosen to join our Pet health plan since it started in 2014. The plan is a monthly direct debit over 12 months which covers the cost of certain preventative health treatments for your pet throughout the year.

By taking up the plan and paying in this way, there are considerable discounts on the cost of these treatments compared to paying out for them at the time. The plan is available for both cats and dogs. It includes things such as annual vaccinations, kennel cough vaccination (dogs only), Flea and worming treatments for the year, a 6 month health check with the vet, a FREE microchip and discounts on neutering, dental treatments and lifestage diets. 

Please select a plan below to see what is included and the current prices.

If you would like to join one of our health plans, please call in and speak to one of our receptionists who would be more than happy to help and complete the necessary form

Please note the Pet health Plan is NOT pet insurance, but we do promote that too! Please read on to find out more.

Pet Insurance

Each year 1 in 3 pets is injured or becomes ill* and needs urgent veterinary treatment. Insurance can help you cover the cost of these unexpected bills leaving you free to concentrate on helping an important member of your family recover.Priory Vets recommend having your pet insured and are accredited as an Appointed Representative of Vetsure Pet Insurance®. Through working relationships with the veterinary profession Vetsure aims to offer the best value for money premiums and access to the highest standards of treatment through their network of trusted practices. We promote Vetsure Pet Insurance® because...

  • Vetsure make it simple: We are part of the trusted Vetsure network. This means that Vetsure are happy for us to settle the bill directly with them when you make an eligible claim. After treatment you simply pay us the policy excess.
  • Vetsure for tailored cover: Pick and choose from a range of benefits and benefit levels to suit your budget. To further adjust your monthly premium, you can choose from a range of excess levels (£69, £109 or £149).
  • Vetsure cover for life: If your pet develops an ongoing condition like arthritis or diabetes, the vet treatment benefits offered will recharge every year for each condition**. Vetsure also only charge the excess once per unrelated condition – many insurers charge the excess every year – which can soon make costs add up.
  • Vetsure promote the best of health: Vetsure offer optional Preventative Care Vouchers to help cover the costs of vaccination, neutering and worming.


As a fully accredited Vetsure practice we can exclusively offer our clients 5 weeks cover free of charge. Simply choose whichever level of cover you are interested in taking out and get the first 5 weeks free.***

In order to benefit from this offer, you can follow the link below or pop into our practice and we will arrange for Vetsure to contact you and put your cover in place today!

For more information about Vetsure Pet Insurance - or to obtain a quote - visit the Vetsure website or call 0800 050 2022 .

Alternatively, ask a staff member to arrange a call from the Vetsure team at your convenience!

*source: Datamonitor - UK Pet Insurance 2008.

**provided your premiums are kept up to date and your policy remains in place.

***terms and conditions apply - visit for details on cover available.

Last Services

As Vets, our aim is to help your animals lead a long, happy and healthy life. Some people may find it strange therefore, to find a section here dedicated to the end of your pet’s life, however, most often we are the people involved with this part as well. We feel it is equally important to address this area and to make information available so that you can feel prepared if necessary as the time draws near. This section is not for everyone, but if it is relevant to you and you would like to know more about euthanasia when the time comes, and the options available, then please click here.
Whilst we do all the things you should expect from a Veterinary practice, we want to let you know what is different about us. Please take a look at our Specialist services section to find out more services that we offer!

Specialist Services

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