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At Priory Equine Vets we are dedicated to getting to know you and your horse better, so that we can provide a unique service, tailored to your needs. 
We aim to offer the same high value service to both new and long standing clients alike. As part of this service we offer a free visit from one of our equine vets to meet you and your horses, and discuss how we can work together to provide the best care possible for your horses and ponies.  

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A team of 5 dedicated equine vets run our ambulatory service. This means we visit you at your yard, with the equipment and medicines needed to treat your horse, pony or donkey. The benefit is your horse can stay in their home environment, making vet visits as stress free as possible.  
Efficient, environmentally friendly and FREE; our zone visits mean one of our vets will work in one particular area, one day a week from Monday to Thursday. To help with continuity, every effort will be made for this to be the same vet from week to week.  

Our FREE visit days

   Key             Day    Area
           Monday SE zone
           Tuesday SW zone
          Wednesday NW zone
           Thursday NE zone
Our free visit days help to keep the cost of routine procedures affordable. Free zone day visits must be booked at least 24h in advance, and are for routine procedures such as vaccinations, dentals and repeat check-ups. Although we cannot guarantee a specific time on a free visit day, we are able to provide a 3 hour time window for when the vet expects arrive. 
Visit costs outside of the free visit scheme are based on distance from the practice.  

Call out charges

      Key             Zone    Charges
                 A     £40.09
                 B     £51.71
                 C     £56.00
                 D      £61.30
We will always endeavour to book your visit with a preferred Vet if you have one, and at a preferred time. To book a visit please call our dedicated Equine receptionist Maureen, who will be glad to help you on 01737242190 .

Equine Health Plans

We are delighted to continue offering our Equine Health Plans which include an annual vaccination, dentals including sedation and a personalised worming programme for the year, among other benefits. This enables you to spread the cost of routine health care throughout the year. The health plan is paid by monthly direct debit, at a significant discount from the combined costs of each individual treatment.
All equines are welcome to enroll on the health plan regardless of age or size.

Please select a plan below to see what is included and the current prices.

For more information or to join our health plan, please call in and speak to Maureen on 01737 242190.


At Priory we provide our own dedicated emergency service 24/7, 365 days a year. This provides the reassurance of seeing a familiar face when it matters the most. 
In an emergency please call the normal number 01737242190 and you will be directed to the vet on duty.


We have a range of specialised equipment which we can bring directly to your yard, to help diagnose any problems your horse may have. These include:
  • Digital x-ray
  • Digital ultrasound
  • Shockwave machine
  • Range of endoscopes
  • Oroscope for detailed examination of the mouth
  • Laser therapy


Our equine vets are well practiced at performing routine and remedial dentistry. Other surgical procedures we offer include:

  • Castration
  • Lump removal
  • Sinus surgery
  • Enucleations (eye removal)
  • Interspinous Ligament Desmotomy (back surgery for the treatment of kissing spine)
Some of these procedures can be carried out on your yard and our vets will advise on whether this is possible or if the procedure would be best performed in a clinic environment.


We are fortunate to have our own in-house laboratory run by our highly trained and experienced lab technician, Anne. This means we have faster access to results, enabling us to make a prompt diagnosis and formulate the best treatment plan for your horse. 
Laboratory services include:

  • Blood tests
  • Bacterial culture and sensitivity
  • Faecal worm egg counts
  • Foal antibody snap tests
  • Histology (microscopic examination of cells)
  • Urinalysis
Any laboratory tests we cannot offer will be sent to the most appropriate external laboratory.

Prior to Purchase examinations

Buying a new horse is an exciting, yet sometimes daunting experience. At Priory Equine Vets we offer 2 stage and 5 stage Prior to Purchase Examinations both locally and further afield. Our dedicated equine receptionist, Maureen, will be happy to provide further details.

Acupuncture and Laser Therapy

Our vet Luna Zamora MRCVS has a special interest in acupuncture and laser therapy to help treat and manage injuries in our equine patients. Veterinary acupuncture can only be carried out by a veterinary surgeon in the UK, and we are delighted to be able to offer this service from one of our own equine vets who is highly practiced in this sphere. 

REACT Allergy Testing

The REACT allergy clinic was established by retired Priory Equine Vet, Mike Burrell MRCVS. Mike developed an interest in allergies affecting horses, and after much research developed a form of allergy testing and treatment based on techniques used in human medicine. 
Years, and many success stories later, REACT has grown into a referral clinic of its own and is now headed up by Luna Zamora MRCVS. 
For more information on equine allergies and the REACT clinic, click here
Please find details of other complementary services we provide at Priory Vets on our Specialist services page

Specialist Services

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